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UI for Apache Pulsar™

Manage your data streams with no stress ☕️

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Manage Pulsar with comfort 🛋️

  • Manage tenants, namespaces, topics, subscriptions, and other Pulsar resources.
  • View and configure namespace and topic policies without dealing with all the Pulsar API complexities.
  • Manage namespace bundles, upload topic schema, run topic compaction, create missing partitions, and more.

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Explore data just in a few clicks 🔭

  • Apply user-friendly basic filters, or advanced JavaScript filters to quickly find the needle in the haystack.
  • Get messages from multiple related topics to get a complete picture of what happened.
  • Use colorization rules, chart visualizations (coming soon), and field-to-column projections.
  • Export the consumed data for further analysis in other tools.
📘 Read the tutorial

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Simplify collaboration on your data streams 🤝

  • Provide context and quick documentation by attaching markdown notes to Pulsar resources such as tenants, namespaces and topics.
  • Grant limited access to specific Pulsar resources to other members withing your organization (coming soon).
  • Save message filters, consumer sessions, producer sessions, and other Dekaf objects to the shared library for quick access in frequently encountered scenarios.

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Minimize the Pulsar learning curve 🎓

  • Apache Pulsar is a complex system that may be hard to grasp in a short time.
  • Providing a visual representation of the Pulsar resources hierarchy, along with available information and actions for each Pulsar object, can significantly reduce the time and money needed to familiarize new team members with Pulsar.

    Why Dekaf?

    Optimizes developer productivity

    Enable rapid application development and a fast feedback loop for your developers.

    Empowers QAs with the ultimate tool

    Dekaf makes it's trivial to send a bunch of messages to any topic and see how your system reacts on it.

    Makes support team much happier

    With Dekaf, it's easy to find data across multiple topics. Inspect how a sequence of events lead to an some problematic business event.

    Reduces troubleshooting time

    Having a tool that assists in fixing the problem when something goes wrong is invaluable for any profitable business.

    Lowers the entry barrier on Pulsar

    No need to be a Pulsar expert to do many useful actions. Dekaf helps Product Owners, Data Scientists, and Business Analysts to explore data in Pulsar.

    We're all ears!
    Share your feedback to help shape the future of Pulsar user experience: